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Effectively what Swede Marine said. Most of the time I us enormal paint and thin it down if I need a glaze of something, it can also be used to tie together/ tone down highlight by bring them all into the same sort of shade (e.g. if you have highlighted red armour with a bright orange you could use a red glaze to make ait look a bit more subtle).

GW Shades are washes that you can use straight out the pot, and they also have ready to use glazes too, though only 4 sadly, but they are primary colours so you can always mix them quite easily.

There are also Oil washes that you can get which are good if you do whole model washes as a final touch. It is a bit more advanced but easy to do, quite simply you get an oil paint (normally black) and thin it down with isopropyl alcohol (aka mineral spirits) to a wash consistency and use it like a normal wash over a gloss varnished model (if not you will take the paint off) Once dry take a cotton bud soaked in the alcohol and rub over the raised areas (this will take the wash off everywhere but the recesses). As I said this is mroe advanced and most people just use normal washes.
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