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Quest for a thousand

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Lokk ive been collecting for a long time, and my marines only number in the high hundreds. So i made a story to say there recovering but is truly possible if a chapter was reduced to a hundred men, they could one day see a thousand again? or even maintain codex standards while waiting to recuparate losses? i like convos so lets start one

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ok so il give some deatails and maybe you can help me out, but first can you harvest gene seed from a marine after the 5 years maturation period without killing the marine?

So my chapter got smashed by a chaos horde and reduced to about forty men, they were declared irrecoverable, but the adept who was in charge of this got lost in the warp, so the chapter took it upon them selves to rebuild.

now there in a little over the hundred mark (thats including vehicle crew n such) its just so frustrating having to explain why they will never really be a chapter again

They have 3 librarians, 3 chaplains and 3 captains, theres a grand lord and even a techmarine division, lots of speacialty for a small groupe
lol i wish, but my chapter is a zygot combo of Corax and Rogal Dorn meaning intergration is impossible
yes but they were put on forced crusades, for my chapter its taken over 500 years to get 100
There also still active, so they have to work with current losses in battle. When Rogal Dorn got caught in the Iron cage incident, his chapter had to literally stop all fighting in order to start recruiting to fill the losses.
There are alot of chapters whos founding is unknown and is speculated to be combinations of gene seed. Gene seed is such a mystery cause the tithes demanded of them means that a chapter always has the ability to field larger numbers if not adhering to the codex astartes, So in theory a marine chapter could build itself to a legion if given the time and resources.
I like that, gives my chapter a bit of the Stubborness of Rogal Dorn, and the Ingenuity of Corax
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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