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Quest for a thousand

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Lokk ive been collecting for a long time, and my marines only number in the high hundreds. So i made a story to say there recovering but is truly possible if a chapter was reduced to a hundred men, they could one day see a thousand again? or even maintain codex standards while waiting to recuparate losses? i like convos so lets start one

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Hi there ArcAnngel,

It very much depends on the Chapter and its character as to whether it would be able to recuperate from such heavy losses.

A solid and methodical Chapter might well after alongish time be able to rebuild depending on Gene Seed stock available and the ability to recruit suitable initiates.

A more impetuous Chapter say like Space Wolves would not be able to keep themselves out of the fight long enough for replacements to outstrip losses so would therefore probably be dissolved or merged into another Chapter of the same gene stock.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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