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It is a problem I agree with @NathanJD, a net list is not gospel. Something that works for me will not necessarily work for you. It is about finding a tactic that works for you most of the time.

Personally I still take quad guns. I have gone off my fliers somewhat for more objective contesting units on the ground. It is still funny to see a vendetta fall groundward fro interceptor fire onto its own army. Not so funny if it lands on yours however. The ILC is good if you want a clean kill, but with the changes to the damage table this can still be an issue. IMO you can have as much joy with the quad gun in this situation.

The 'to unbound or not to unbound' is a big issue at my club. Some individuals love to 'mix it up', bringing wholly mechanised forces to try and wipe their opponents off the board, others to flood the area with troops and high-end weaponry. It is a matter of ethics in the end. Some people love the strategy of the game; others simply want to destroy everyhting in their path.

Regarding the limit of 1k games, either a flier or ADL are good, but depends on your method of war. Either you can sit on an objective in your deployment zone, avoiding all shooting attacks until in range of your weapons, or leave it at home, zooming fliers around making most of the air superiority (if any)

Either way it is up to the individual which theme works best and under what circumstances.

Sorry to be ambiguous but theres by two cents :good:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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