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We are writing an article about David Heathfield one of the longest serving 'Eavy Metal Painters and Designers as well as a Golden Demon winner.
Any questions or queries you have, write them down below and we will get back to you with his answer.

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Classic noob questions:
-how can you keep consistent painting level over hundreds of models? you really never botch a job?
-also, how do you keep painting without gettin mad? i mean, it's your job and i get it but... where lies your breaking point regarding minis to paint?

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From the link: Q&A With David Heathfield (Golden Demon Winner & Ex 'Eavy Metal)

We asked for your questions all over the internet to put to our wonderful and talented new designer.

You replied and now here are his answers.

1 – What real life building would you like to make a model of? - Gerwyn Panes, Facebook
Real life building? Err.. My nan's house. I don't know. I was thinking like Wayne Manor but that’s not real. The Greggs in Cardiff City centre, I don't know I am stumped. I'm trying to make it interesting. Castle Coch.​

2 - What is your favourite piece of scenery? - Wargame News & Terrain, Twitter
Currently, it is our upcoming fantasy house project. They are looking Sweet!

3 - Which pieces are you currently working on? - Wargame News & Terrain, Twitter
Well, we have a LARGE project that you should be able to see very soon. *wink* 😉

4 - Who are your inspirations for your own work? - Lancorz, Beast of War Forum
Dave Andrews and The Rackham Team.

5 – Do you have a favourite paint colour that’s your "go to"? - Lancorz, Beast of War Forum
Bleach Bone, if I ever need a highlight colour its bleach bone.

6 – Did you ever only paint one side of a model to be photographed to meet time constraints? - noyjata – Beast of War, Forum
Yes, loads of times. But you have to paint the back afterwards to finish it. When I was an 'Eavy Metal doing the colour variants we only ever painted the front.

7 – Favourite faction in the Warhammer Universe? My favourite to paint are Orks, they are really fun.

8 – Sculpting or Painting?
Painting is so much easier and less stressful.

9 – Favourite Memory from Salute?
The year it was Zulu themed one of the prizes I won was a Zulu Warrior Spear. I had to travel across London with it to get it home. I think I was stopped about 15 times and nearly arrested 5 times. It was interesting getting back to Cardiff.

10 – What books or tools are essential to getting you to a high standard of painting? – Horehey34, Warhammer Reddit
A decent lamp and decent brushes, that's all you need.

11 – I would definitely be interested in learning how he went about taking the step from painting as a hobby to painting as a professional? - evalaina, Warhammer Reddit
I just kept bugging Darren Latham until he gave me a job on the 'Eavy Metal team.

12 – How soon after you see a model do you know you just HAVE to paint it? - M0d3rn, Warhammer Reddit
If I don't paint it straight away I lose interest, so as soon as possible.

13 – Has anything ever landed on your desk for your to paint that you have thought "WT actual F is that supposed to be?" And if so, did you make someone else paint it or did you battle through it? - Onlyonepinman, Beast of War Forum
Yeah but I'm not going to upset any of the sculptors.​

14 – Do you ever get bored if you have to paint whole armies? What do you do to get through it? - Onlyonepineman, Beast of War forum
I never had to paint armies, it was a maximum of 5 figures at a time. You just switch off and put your headphones in.

15 – What has been your favourite project of all? - Onlyonepinman, Beast of War Forum
The eversor assassins.

16 – What is your favourite shade in the whole citadel range? - Onlyonepinman, Beast of War Forum
Averland Sunset

17 – As a professional painter, do you still paint in your spare time or do you have other hobbies? - Onlyonepinman, Beast of War Forum
I used to go into the workshop at like 5 o'clock in the morning to just spend a couple hours painting before I started work painting.

18– How do you get over painters block or projects starting to take the wind out of your sails? - Mage, Beast of War Forum
Do the bits that you want to do and the rest of it should work its way out. If there is something you are unsure of put it to one side and do just the bits you know.

19 – How can you keep consistent painting level over hundred of models? - neferhet, Heresy Forum
Stick to a tried and tested formula, when I was at 'Eavy Metal it was almost like painting by numbers. It means everyone's figures look the same.

20 – How do you keep painting without getting mad? - neferhet, Heresy Forum
You don't you just go mad.

21 – Where lies your breaking point regarding minis? - neferhet, Heresy Forum
When you are an 'Eavy Metal you are not allowed they whip you to keep on painting *wink*. No, doing it as a hobby first made it more fun to then continue it as a career.

If you have any other questions leave them as comments on here or our other social medias and we will try and do another Q&A with Dave.
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