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Pyrkol - New Chaos Templates

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Hello guy´s,

It´s dangerous to forget about the Dark Gods, so here it is.

Chaos Template Set

From the press release:
"Pyrkol´s set of 3 inch, 5 inch and Chaos templates are the new weapon of choice for your daemonic armies.

Designed to represent the unholy energies of the warp being unleashed on the battlefield.
The perfect tool to please the Dark Gods.

The Blast Templates come assembled and ready to use, made of thick acrylic and quite sturdy.

The clear acrylic material means you can easily see the units underneath.

The light going through and reflecting off the acrylic blast templates creates a glittering effect, this increases your immersion in the game and really feels “in combat”."

For more information on these products visit us on www.pyrkol.com or take at look at our shop, cheers :grin:
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Always a classy product! :eek:k:
Thank you Nordicus and ntaw, they are allready on the post :)
These look wonderful! The colours fit perfectly with my word bearers too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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