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Let me introduce you to Pyrköl, we are launching a line of blast markers and related acessories, below i´ll present our first products.

from the Press Release:
"Pyrkol launches Micro and Mini Flame Markers for 6mm and 15mm wargaming.

The flame markers come in 2 sizes to provide variety on the battlefield.
The set was designed with the objective that even the smaller flames visually pop and are easily visible on even the 6mm battlefield,
the shape and colors were mixed and tweaked again and again untill finally the final effect was achieved."

Next the press release on Blast Markers:

"Pyrkol Launches new Micro Blast Markers.

Designed for the 6mm battlefield, these single and triple Micro Blast Markers represent artillery shelling a battlefield, with a sharp explosion in the center, and the corresponding cloud of debris as a backdrop.
When looking to the battlefield at a glance, there is an instantaneous sense of which units and areas are under fire. And the different shapes and sizes of the marker´s flames provide a great sense of variety on the battlefield.
Use them in numbers and they will not disappoint."

And this last one is not oficially released yet, but it´s allready available.

Hull Points Damage Markers, an elegant way to mark damage to the hull of your machines, looks as interesting and discrete on top of a Land Raider in 28mm as in a Titan in 6mm.
Its meant to be a clear way to mark your damage, while not spoiling the look and style of your great minis.

For more details check our page at www.pyrkol.com ,
or our ebay page at http://www.ebay.com/usr/pyrkol.

The minis in the photos are 6mm scale and used with permission from Exodus Wars.

Hope you guy´s like our work, lots of more stuff in the works!
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