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Castellan Crowe
10 Purifiers

Combat Squad, then disembark splitting Crowe off from the unit so you end up with 3 units all of which can cast Cleansing Flame. I'm not sure that Crowe's entirely necessary, costing more than an extra squad of 5 Purifiers, but if you want to totally max out on Cleansing Flame he seems like a good bet (you could, for a 'solidly reliable' rather than a 'guaranteed' Cleansing Flame, bring a Librarian with Mastery 3 and the Domina Liber Daemonica, which is slightly cheaper than Crowe, gives you a good shot at Cleansing Flame as well and lets the Combat Squads benefit from the re-rolls of '1' when casting Cleansing Flame, as well as a Librarian being more generally useful than Crowe).
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