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Alright, perhaps this should be a blog, but I think this should be a project log for starters.

I am a bad 40k player. Not just strategically, I mean that's part of it, but I am really not playing the caliber of 40k that I want to in a lot of ways. I only play against my stepdad ( ork and IG) and a friend from high school (Tyranids and Tau), and it's all done with gray armies on plywood or carpet.

I would really love to play "good" 40k, and I have been reinvigorated with the whole hobby over this summer. Podcasts, forum crawling, and steadily ramping up the number of actual , y'know, games I play.

So! There are three big elements I am going to work on for this, my first true army.

1. Fluff. I have been dallying around with the marines we have (my new ones and step dad's odd old collection) because I could not decide on the fluff for the longest time. I have had flirtations with tons of concepts, strategies, characters and color schemes for the past year or so, and have finally settled on something.

2. Buying. Hey, it's the truth. A big part of this project is me shelling out cold hard cash for the models I have long been eye-ing but not buying. During the school year I really don't make any 40k purchases, because it's the choice between a tactical squad and a lottt of ramen noodles and cheap beer. So there's that.

3. Painting. Oh God, the horror. I have not painted an army, much less a real model. I have the Scheme pretty much finalized, as well as some tips and demos I have been looking at.

Without further delay, here's a pic of what I am playing now, as well as the colors I have decided on.

Here's what I run now at 1500 points... Looking to swap this around, but it's what I have for the moment.
1. Ah, this injured beauty. Bought it, as well as a bunch of other chaos stuff from a 18 year old for $20. This was when I was 16, so I don't feel bad. Carved the spikes off, but the superglue has left it covered with more white crust than a teen boy's tube sock. The front door hinge is broken, all the guns are maimed from the recovery from chaos, and the port-side gun is ... gone? My solution is going to be getting a crusader conversion pack, and swapping out the crummy godhammer stuff for the crusader bits.

2. This needs a dip and strip, paint wise. Part of the same army I got for 20 beans. Oh hey and a storm bolter.

3. Oh dozerblade, where have you gone?

4. Big 4 represents the number of things. Librarian needs a jump pack to go with the assault squad, I need a meltamarine, and I need my combiweapons modeled.

Here's the general scheme.


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Well I am just the laziest, huh? I've been in NYC for a week on vacation and haven't gotten much done at all. Here's a couple pictures though...

Here's the ugly ol' iron warriors rhino. Before I can paint it, first I have to de-paint it, so I scrounged around on the internet for ways to strip plastic models. I went with the pinesol method...

Still a little bit dingy looking, but quite a bit better. I didn't lose any detail from scrubbing, which was nice. Still, I'm on the look out for a better method in the future.

Here's my Vulkan He'Stan counts as, which was fun to do. I have agonized for a while on how to represent all his various neat wargear, I have the sheild for the 3++ and the beefed up armor. The scythe needs a little green stuff to smooth out the join, as well as some purity seals or something. The heavy flamer goes unrepresented, as I couldn't come up with a good way to portray all 4 hands' worth of wargear.

I also made a single melta marine, but that's not really worthy of a picture. At least I'm not proxying him any longer.

This is getting a bit long-winded, but I also wanted to thank everyone who's taken time to look at this. It makes it a lot more fun when people are interested.

@Viscount Vash : The rhino is from my step-dad's collection. He also has some great cream / dark green marines from what I believe is the RT01 set. We have an old landraider too, but it's in shambles...

@Aquatic Foible : It's going to be a cream/bone color, highlighted with white. I'm trying to steer away from the cool tones of the White Scars and such, and make them a bit warmer looking. I've looked up some menoth painting guides from warmachine, and I'm basically appropriating a lot of their scheme. I have (finally!) decided on a chapter symbol, but I'm not going to post it up until I have a decent picture. The suspense!
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