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Again, GK cannot have rhinos, or for that matter any dedicated transport. And as it stands the current codex's rhinos are 50pts a pop. The only things that can take rhinos in the DH codex are stormtroopers and inquisitor lords, and since you're going for a pure list I'm not going to mention them beyond that.

The Hobbz knows what he's doing, I'd follow his advice. Whilst GK do need transports, land raiders are too expensive at this point level. Just pray he doesn't take too many lemons. The only thing I could suggest is that you could make the third PAGK squad a teleport attack squad, in order to just go in and stuff around with that lovely gunline he's going to form. This could work well, since he can't steal your mystics anymore and shoot the bujeezus out of them. Although you'd have to weigh up the pros and cons of having one less scoring unit.

EDIT: just thought I should remind you, the IG dude is only your first opponent- you've really got to think beyond the first game, as well. I'd hate to see you make an awesome guard killing list just to be owned by some other force in the second round.
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