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I Back up the Hobz and Coke123, Landraiders are just too expensive in under 1000.Go For the Dreads.

Also drop the Krak grenades for your Justicar, He`s already Str.6 with multiple attacks, So why would you pay uprgade points to reduce hime to 1 Str.6 attck that only hits walkers on 6s.

I would suggest giving the Brother Captain an Incinerator, as well as putting an Incinerator in the retinue and then deep striking as close to the gun line as possible.

Other than that two dreads would be best for anti-tank (Armed with your fav. Anti-tank wpn...some people like MM, but I prefer the TL Lascanon) and max out your points on the as many PAGK as possible.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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