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PuppetsWar Shoulder Pads (updated 24-9-15)

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Pads for SW, LotD and I suppose what could be used as DA or Astral Claws. They come for both power armour and termies.

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Huh. Unexpected styles but all pretty cool. Okay, the shield/stripe emblem is kinda lame but the other 3 are cool.

I'm not sure what I'd use the Kraken ones for other than maybe an "Iron Born" army . . . like a space wolf army themed on the Iron Born from game of thrones, as though the Iron Islands are a place on Fenris.

Skulls are always fashionable.

The eagle pads remind me of Judge Dredd. I could definitely see an army of blue/black marines themed on the judges wearing symmetric pads, one regular and one eagle.
That one is based off the 1st Cavalry Division from the US Army. It's just mirrored....
Ah, that makes sense. I thought it looked familiar but I couldn't quite place it. Context makes it much more meaningful.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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