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Psychic tests calculator.

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As the psychic tests became more complicated with 7th edition, I decided to make myself a quick sheet to make calculations for psychic tests faster.
I thought there may be some other mathammer freaks like I am, so I decided to share this with you. It's in excel and open office spreadsheet formats.
Here's a quick description:

Cells to modify: (input)

-Number of dice: You simply put the number of warp charge rolls you want to make for the psychic power.
-Warp Charge: You put the warp charge cost for the psychic power as described in the rulebook.
-Demonology: If you are using sanctic/malefic powers and don't have Grey Knights/Daemons put 1, otherwise 0.

Results: (output)
-Chance of success: Calculates the chance, that the psyker uses its psychic power successfully (provided the opponent does not successfully use deny the witch)
-Chance of perils: Calculates the chance, that the psyker suffers perils of the warp.

There are also some cells that serve as intermediary calculation, so avoid changing these, if you want it to work.

Let me know if you find any bugs and have fun with your psykers. :)


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