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Psychic Powers line of sight question

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Hi folks,

I'm trying to put together an Eldar Psyker list where the Psykers are not on bikes, and I'm toying with the idea of putting them in a Wave Serpent. Back in 5th edition (when I last played before 7th) although one could not place a psychic blessing or malediction on a unit that was embarked in a vehicle, if the psyker himself was in a vehicle (not open topped and with no firing points) he could still use powers out of the vehicle. I can't remember the reasoning, but I remember it was the case.

TL;DR, can psykers use powers on units on the table while they are in a vehicle?
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as said above, only witchfires can be shot from an hatch. Otherwise the psyk can only target his unit inside the vehicle.
i don't think they can cast in the transports anymore
due to the last FAQ?
i missed that, maybe...

EDIT: just checked the BRB. I was playing that wrong. not that it has ever occurred to happen in game.
They can ONLY cast witchfires from a fire point to enemyes. No more self targeting inside the vehicle.
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