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Psychic phase questions

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Can you cast any number of psychic powers in the psychic phase? As long as you have enough warp charges to spend to cast them. Like can I cast a blessing targeting a friendly unit and cast a witch fire spell such as smite on another enemy unit? And this happens all in one phase?
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I believe the psykers are still limited in the number of powers they manifest to their level.
IF so, Coteaz was holding back against the 'nids last weekend. :)
I can see where you thought that, but the limit they speak of is the number of cards he gets, not the number of powers he can manifest. Many psyker level 1 have 3 powers, Primaris, rolled, and Force. They can all be used. I stand corrected. huh!
Where do you find this rule, DeakthKlokk? I did not in the Psychic phase rules.
Yes, pg. 22. "The number of powers ....depends on his Mastery level". That means to me how the powers are chosen - i.e. a level 1 has 1 power card he can use. Plus Force as an additional power card. Plus the Primaris Power if he's focussed (which he has to be). Therefore he's only able to do those 3 things due to being level 1. Level 2 would be able to generate 2 powers, plus maybe the default power if focussed, plus possibly force. Four powers for level 2. I understand your reading it as being LIMITED to one power, I read that section as dealing with what the rules give a Mastery 1 psyker with what powers he can cast in a phase.

It;s basically the difference between how I see depends versus you reading limited.
Easily. Depends is not limited to. I gave you a very detailed explanation of why being level 1 doesn't mean you can only have/cast one power. We disagree. I guess that is fair. We'd have to roll a d6 if we ever played.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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