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Psychic hoods and Runic weapons...

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As I contemplate hanging up my Tyranids in the competitive scene until the arrival of the new Nid codex several years from now..

Can someone please tell me if psychic hoods and rune priest weapons work whilst they are inside a transport??

If as I suspect they can this would basically mean that my Shadow in the Warp psychic defence cannot penetrate a landraider/rhino/paper-aeroplane but theirs works out of it?

Please tell me it isnt true...
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I have to disagree there to be honest. Our best anti-mech units are subject to psychic tests and at 18" range...
Steady on- our best anti mech unit is(are?) Hive Guard. Hands down.

I have played really mech heavy lists which lets face it most tournament players use now and each time I have been frustrated by the Tyranids serious lack of punch in that department.
Squads of three HG are probably killing a transport per turn (even waveserpents). Very few units in the game can do that!

Throne of Skulls is anything but competitive sorry. Jervis failed massively with that one.....
Until the changes the ToS was the most competitive tournament scene in the world. The changes still encourage a player to bring their best list (for a given codex) and as such the games will still be just as competitive, it's just that deciding who wins overall may be a little off (Why? Why did ithe rules need to be changed!?)

...Jaws is a pain versus nids but doesn't fit in a balanced army. If I get screwed over by it I'm happy to go home knowing if he ever comes up against a balanced list his utility spell is crap...
I don't buy that for a second- jaws is great against nids, orks (so long ghazz), tau and can get lucky against anyone. It's a solid choice which just so happens to be awesome against nids. I expect to see it taken a lot.

...My Tyranids have had no problems with mech and the worst matchup for them is against LR. All of those games I've been able to strip away their support and swarm the Terminators....
Totally agreed, though FNP BA hammernators have forced a bit of a rethink. Worth noting that 9 HG expect 0.33 immobilised results against a LR per turn (assuming no cover).

...Balanced competitive lists FTW.
My 5th ed Nid tournament list is the most balanced looking list i've ever made-one of everything (with two of HG and gants). Nobody was more surprised than me!
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@OddJob; Orks would love to see Jaws instead of Murderous Hurricane. If it hits Tau suits, Tau is doing something wrong and they don't care if their low I Kroot die. It's best bet is a "sure hope this IC rolls a 6" in a snipe roll and then comes along T-Fexes/Tervigons. Tempest has so much more utility against any Jumper variant, skimmer or deepstriking armies and hurricane is very effective against hordes, bikes & super units. Storm Caller is the best spell for a mech SW list (i.e. RBack spam) and LL is just the perfect fit for most armies.
All you are saying is that there are lots of good options for rune priests. I don't disagree. However, I am well aware that JOTWW is right up there in terms of effectiveness and i've rerely seen a competitive 1500pt SW list in person or on tinterwebz that doesn't include it (was just e-mailed a SW GT list to give a once over and lo, a priest with jaws was the first thing on the page). To not consider it when building your list smacks of head in sand syndrome.

Again, if Jaws screwed me over in a tournament I'd be happy knowing there are better spells he could of taken which would generally benefit him in a balanced enviornment.
Really? I generally try to win tournaments myself. That involves not giving yourself bad matchups, or at least having a sound plan for them.
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