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Psychic hoods and Runic weapons...

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As I contemplate hanging up my Tyranids in the competitive scene until the arrival of the new Nid codex several years from now..

Can someone please tell me if psychic hoods and rune priest weapons work whilst they are inside a transport??

If as I suspect they can this would basically mean that my Shadow in the Warp psychic defence cannot penetrate a landraider/rhino/paper-aeroplane but theirs works out of it?

Please tell me it isnt true...
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Whilst Psychic Hood do work inside transports (p66), They do not work on units inside transports as you cannot measure range to them. Making Psykers inside transports great.

Until an FAQ states this, ya they do. SitW is the joyous exception atm.
I'd love to see the evidence for that, rules quote should do the trick.

I can show an aura effect cannot measure to a model inside a transport.

"If the psychic power does not require LoS and has a range or an area of effect that is normally measured from the model using it, these are measured from the vehicle's hull as described in the Embarking section on page 66."

"If the players need to measure a range involving the embarked unit (except for its shooting), this range is measured to or from the vehicle's hull."

Answer to FAQ in rulebook for using psychic powers inside vehicles & pg 66 reference. Reverse logic works for Hoods/Staves/SitW as they are area of effect bubbles in regards to FAQ ruling and the ruling on pg 66 supports it although SitW has been FAQ'd to not do this. GW is not consistent with their FAQs so you cannot extrapolate this ruling across all inferences of psychic defense (i.e. Autarch's can stack reserve bonuses, other races cannot).
P66 does not apply as you are measuring to a model not a unit with Psychic Hood.

Imagine you have the Rulebook, all the FAQ's and a new player, he's read the rules and all the FAQ's. Then explain to him why Hood's work on embarked Models without using 'They just do'

Remember FAQ's are not rules changes in theory, they are just clarifications on how a specific case works within the given framework of the rules. If a Psyker is not within 12" of a SitW creature standing outside his vehicle, he is definitely not within 24" of a Libby standing outside his vehicle.

Autarch's reserve bonuses work differently because they are worded differently from Astropaths etc, perhaps optional bonuses stack and mandatory bonuses don't stack, who knows.

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