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Psychic hoods and Runic weapons...

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As I contemplate hanging up my Tyranids in the competitive scene until the arrival of the new Nid codex several years from now..

Can someone please tell me if psychic hoods and rune priest weapons work whilst they are inside a transport??

If as I suspect they can this would basically mean that my Shadow in the Warp psychic defence cannot penetrate a landraider/rhino/paper-aeroplane but theirs works out of it?

Please tell me it isnt true...
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And Tyranids are still one of the better armies out there though
I have to disagree there to be honest. Our best anti-mech units are subject to psychic tests and at 18" range this means they will be in range of runic weapons/psychic hoods always. This really reduces the chances of ever getting that much needed pen on those evasive landraiders. In a competitive 1500 pts tournament like Throne of Skulls all SW lists have jaws of the world wolf, murderous hurricane and meeting one of these lists means the nid player needs to pack up and go home.

Nullifying 50% of our psyhic attacks whilst safely firing his own sick-ass psychic powers out of a landraider where he is safe from shadows in the warp means that Tervigons and T-fexes are going to bite the dust 66% of the time from a 100 point base-cost model. Any landraider heavy list also gives us major problems too. There is no counter to it and I dont like the idea of spending 160-220 points on an all-or-nothing suicide zoanthrope unit that will only get to use their pyschic power 50% of the time. Thats not including passing the Ld test in the first instance or making the 3+ roll necessary to hit.

I have played really mech heavy lists which lets face it most tournament players use now and each time I have been frustrated by the Tyranids serious lack of punch in that department.

Nids can be tailored to beat anyone I agree and if playing for fun you can beat anyone with their codex. But their all-comer list just isnt too strong to be fair and its just these sort of rules that force a whole new list to be written...
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Whoa, thanks for the input guys.

I guess i need a healthy balance of units to stall the tanks whilst my heavy hitters get close enough to flip them over.. I was probably thinking a little two-dimensionally and could do with a rethink..

Cheers fellas :)
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