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Psychic hoods and Runic weapons...

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As I contemplate hanging up my Tyranids in the competitive scene until the arrival of the new Nid codex several years from now..

Can someone please tell me if psychic hoods and rune priest weapons work whilst they are inside a transport??

If as I suspect they can this would basically mean that my Shadow in the Warp psychic defence cannot penetrate a landraider/rhino/paper-aeroplane but theirs works out of it?

Please tell me it isnt true...
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Hesky. you cant cast psychic shooting powers out of a Land raider. Psychic shooting attacks NEED LoS meaning they need a gun port.

but to use Psychic hoods / Runic weapon save you DONT need LoS thus they CAN do it in a land raider.

But lets face it. Nids now have the ONLY STR 10 LANCE weapon in the game. if we couldnt counter that shit youd be blowing our tanks up left right and center in one shot
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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