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i can't think of a situation!

if you're going to face nids with mawlocs and other MC's get a lord with MoS, wings and a blissgiver!

3 base attacks, +1 for charging +D6 for daemon weapon (just don't roll a 1!), any wounds caused cause instant death!

only deathleaper strikes before you, stealers, lictors and the swarmlord (don't charge this guy unless you want to die) strike at same time eveything else strikes after and with that number of attacks will likely be dead, you better hope so anyway ^_^

but ye there's a nid player at my FLGS and i would love to use 2 of these guys to tear his MC's apart!

oh and you can hide inside transports with wings and you have a 20" charge range to boot!
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