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I'm sorry for the off topic but.. Intentionally taking a sniper round to the head and "walking away fine" must be the single most idiotic piece of GW fluff I have heard. I know that Primarchs are supposed to be further enhanced by esoteric Warp magicks but there seems to be nothing capable of harming them. Why didn't the Primarchs conquer star system all by themselves, why trouble the astartes legions at all..

EDIT: Since harlequin's kisses can liquify greater daemons and hive tyrants, I think it's reasonable to assume it liquifies primarchs.
Since a Lucifer Black can score a hit on a primarch (Legion), I think it's more than reasonable to assume harlequins can score hits against the primarchs.
Since reason has very little play in primarch (or much other astartes) fluff I think this is a moot question ;)
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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