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Primarch Poetry

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A friend told me to post this here,
although I thought that just a mere
poem would make the topic miss.
Well, anyway, I present you guys this:

First one the stubborn, kept secrets within,
was also the first to hunt down his own kin.

The Second one peaceful, forgiveness his pace,
his life had been ended with a smile on his face.

The Third one proud and without care,
now weeping and cold in the dark somewhere.

Fourth one short-tempered with childish behaviour,
seeking out only revenge he could savour.

Fifth often forgotten, too fast to be seen,
still eager to fulfil his promise to 15.

The Sixth the untamed, the wildest offspring,
now executioner and the Wolven King

To a heavy duty the Seventh was bound,
masochistic, yet proud and standing his ground.

The Eighth was the sadist and fear was his reign,
too twisted to ever take shape again.

The Ninth was divine, all daemons he’d sear,
killed by his brother, leaving a bloody tear.

The flesh is weak, replace all you must,
though slain was the Tenth by his person of trust.

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The Eleventh one broken and cracked to the core,
seeking peace in death forevermore.

Twelfth was the butcher, always ready to die,
was drowned in rage through the cause of a lie.

Thirteenth, the righteous, the most perfect son,
does everything better than others could’ve done.

Fourteenth so spiteful and easy to provoke,
his only aim was his own ego to stroke.

The Fifteenth, the one that saw it all through,
yet fooled by the trickster without having a clue.

Sixteenth, the favourite, the one without sin,
unaware of how corruption blossomed within.

Seventeenth plotting and quite weak-tempered,
couldn’t go ten seconds without being pampered.

The Eighteenth pure-hearted and always nice,
the Eighth would make sure he’d pay the price.

Nineteenth was agile and sneaky to the core,
bound to exile, leaving nevermore.

Now the twentieth, leaving no one know,
whom is a friend and whom is foe.

No, what is this, ‘tis not how it’s done!
There’s no such thing as twenty-one!
"I remain in the shadows for my time to come,
but I’ve had my fun and now I’ll be gone!"
If you ain’t Alpharius, then another son…?
"Well, yes and no, my name is Omegon."
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Maybe, haha. But every time I'm trying to write something remotely nice about him, I remember Argel Tal's story. And then I remember Erebus.
And then I suddenly feel like I should go for a different approach, regarding what he deserves...
Oh, I can tell, Mr. "ExaltedUrizen with a Word Bearer as his profile picture and a quote of Erebus in his signature", I can tell... Don't need to investigate for that one! But I'm a bit biased too on this one. Lorgar is probably the one I like the least of all. Then Girlyman- I mean Guilliman. Because as much as I dislike Fulgrim... He has style sometimes.
Yes, I was not that satisfied with it either, BUT I have no clue about Mortarion, to be honest. I have not really read anything with him so far, he only made side appearances and when he did, he was salty as fuck and generally just annoyed by everyone. Even during non-Horus Heresy times.
It's also hard to describe them with only one or two sentences each, if it isn't Fulgrim or Alpharius or the furry fuck. Those have major character traits that make it easy. Also, I'm fairly sure that Mortarion joined Nurgle because Nurgle was the only one that ever loved him. Nurgle loves everyone.
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