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Price wise

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Hey guys, I'm buying my IG soon. It would be my first army. But I don't know if it's because I don't have enought knowledge about the GW games, but Fantasy look like it's way less expensive. Don't get me wrong I'm going 40k all the way., but just a tought that I'm sharing.
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Ways to keep the price down.


convert standard troopers into hvy and officers. Plastic helps here also.

Dollar stores are great. I have many ork and squat vehicles that started as dollar store toys.

McDonald's toys. Don't laugh, they are a great resource for bits and for LEDs.

Different company's minis. Imperial guard can be represented by 28mm WWII minis. Try Black Tree Design.

For vehicles, if the footprint is the same and the weapons are close, than it works for "counts as".

Different army. GW has released many boxed sets for the different editions.

2nd edition had Marines and Orks.
3rd edition had Marines and Dark Elder.

Older players might have some of this gathering dust and will give or sell cheap.

Convert fantasy figs to 40k.

Make tanks out of folded cardboard. Just get the footprint the same.

Scratch build tanks from plastic card.

Start small. 40k is really best between 1k and 2k.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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