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Preferred Enemy and Get's Hot! on Vehicles

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This may be a dumb question, but I am curious if someone else sees this different than I:

Preferred Enemy grants re-rolls of To-Hit/Wound rolls of 1.

Get's Hot! on vehicles says roll a dice before you shoot, and if it's a 1 you can potentially Glance yourself.

If a tank has PE and shoots a blast weapon, does it get to re-roll the 1 if the weapon Get's Hot?

Personally I think it means squat, all you get is re-rolled 1's on to-wound. That jive with the rest of Heresy?
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BS 6+ only allows rerolls on a roll of a 1 as per BRB pg 13. Yet that can reroll gets hot.

Also, @Jdojo18, isn't it per shot fired (eg 3) as per the section under "Gets Hot and weapons that do not roll to hit"

"Weapons that don't roll to hit must roll a D6 for each shot..."

Edit: Deleted statement as I didn't want to add further fuel to a mostly pointless discussion (due to 7th ed soon and it's something that's already been argued everywhere).
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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