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Preferred Enemy and Get's Hot! on Vehicles

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This may be a dumb question, but I am curious if someone else sees this different than I:

Preferred Enemy grants re-rolls of To-Hit/Wound rolls of 1.

Get's Hot! on vehicles says roll a dice before you shoot, and if it's a 1 you can potentially Glance yourself.

If a tank has PE and shoots a blast weapon, does it get to re-roll the 1 if the weapon Get's Hot?

Personally I think it means squat, all you get is re-rolled 1's on to-wound. That jive with the rest of Heresy?
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Agreed. Plasma Cannons never benefit from rerolling to hit for Gets Hot (nor Riptide blasts or other blast weapons with Gets Hot), even if they're on infantry, since the Gets Hot mechanic is separated from the scatter dice in that manner. There are no 1s you are rolling to hit, so you only get the rerolls on wounds. Making Pask in an Exterminator less tempting...
On Pg 37 under "Get's Hot and Re-rolls"

says that if you have the ability to reroll, then you get to reroll that d6 before shooting a blast gets hot weapon. It doesn't just limit it to only twinlinked

+rep, thanks for correcting that error in my memory of the rules.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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