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Death Before Dishonour
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A really nice project here Angmar, I do like the use of 'zerker heads to create the Pre-Heresy feel. You have a very nice dynamic army being made and when it's done will look very stricking on the table. +rep (if i can)


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Those packs are the same as the old space crusade marine backpacks. I like the way you have used the bezerker heads too.Those Khornate fellows do have some stylish headwear.

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A nice start here Angmar, looking forward to seeing painted mini's.

What sort of force are you going for? A lot of foot troops or a balanced mech army?
The Full First Company.

so around 35,000 points when done in 10 - 100 years.

i had the full load out typed up once but for now... The following is what im working towards.

Sanguinius (Sanguinar)
1 Captian of the honor guard Azkellion (dante)
1 Chapter Master (Astorath)
3 Chaplins
3 Sangunary Guard Squads
[2] 10 man Assault Marine Sqauds
[5] 10 man tactical squads
2 Predators
7 Drop Pods
3 Dreadnoughts (2 Furioso\1 heavy weapon)
5 Sanguinary Priests (pain in the ass to build)
2 baal Predators
2 Vindicators
1 Landraider
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