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Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion 1100

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1st Captain Ingo Pech (counts as Chapter master) 178
Relic blade and storm bolter
artificer armor
Hellfire Rounds

10 tac's 240pts
plasma gun

10 tac's 240pts
plasma gun

Sternguard 195
Plasma gun

Venerable Dread 185
heavy flamer
Assault Cannon

Im debating giving the dread a pod, but im new to SM, got the codex purely for my Alpha's
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im trying to keep it fluffy, and I dont really like launchers, just one less boltgun...i play CSM alot so thats probably why. I use plasma's because they can rapid fire as well...

I like the dread because of its higher BS skill, ill be getting an Ironclad soon too...probbaly.

The Sternguard are a 5man, with TL Lascannon razor. plus, I really dont wanna proxy stuff, so I really wanna plan this out as a 1500-1850 pt army well.but the preds sound nice.

Okay, thanks.
The reason why I have the dread is because the idea of a sneaky dead in a drop pod is just too cool!
Plus, I love the model

Thanks for the advice.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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