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Praise the Lion and Holy Emperor!

Hello my fellow battle brothers. I am Entarion, Chapter Master of Black Lions (successors of Dark Angels) unfortunately lost decades ago with part of his fleet during the Great Invasion of Hive fleet Hexen. Now my chapter is in hands of my most experienced battle Captains. Let Lion never fall!

-Coming from Czech Republic which is in heart of Europe;)
-I started with Warhammer 40,000 year ago. Reason: because i have finally started to earn money for such a hobby
-Actually, I have never played Warhammer in real yet. Thats one reason why i like it. Game offers so much so i dont mind that i havent played yet:)
-Why Space Marines? - i love fluff, models, everything! When i had to choose which army i will play i didnt care which army is the best or so on. I looked at the models and fluff and i was decided. But thats not all. I really love Space Marines doctrine and their purpose.
-I have 30 models painted so far and lot of Megaforce pieces are still in the box.
-I am planning to build Space Marine Fleet too
For the Emperor!:victory:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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