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Powerfist Gaming is a brand new and fast growing 40k club based in Stafford, England.
Our first gaming night will be Thursday evening 24th of June from 4pm-10pm at Littleworth Community Centre.
We have 15 active members and growing, we have some fully modelled tables to play on, including a lovely citadel board and plenty of terrain. All you will need is an army and the relavent books. All of the guys are friendly and helpful and will aid you anyway they can with your wargaming needs. The gaming hall will be a mature environment with everyone being between 20 to mid 30s
but anyone is welcome.
If anyone has any questions shoot me an email or pm
[email protected]

We also have a facebook group (untill the forum is sorted) feel free to add me on that and i'll get you into the group, please email before hand :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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