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Power fist or Power weapons on Bezerkers

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so pretty simple question . Are Power Fists or Power weapons mor effective on Khorne bezerker Skull Champs? I have heard both ways and i just want a clear answer from a bunch of people all in one place I run into this topic a lot in other threads
mostly it boils down to this
-the sheer power of the fist-
-the ability to take advantage of the furious charge initiative bonus-
so which is better?

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well, with the fists you have the ability to knock tanks down. Thats the mayor shiny glittery + on fists. Basically, if you think your gonna send your bezerker down the enemy who has tanks, or even more important, walkers, take the fist.

If you want to risk the chance that your unit never comes in touch with a walker, take the power weapon.
Correct me, but grenade attacks on all walkers are 6 always, unless immobiled as far as i know.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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