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Power fist or Power weapons on Bezerkers

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so pretty simple question . Are Power Fists or Power weapons mor effective on Khorne bezerker Skull Champs? I have heard both ways and i just want a clear answer from a bunch of people all in one place I run into this topic a lot in other threads
mostly it boils down to this
-the sheer power of the fist-
-the ability to take advantage of the furious charge initiative bonus-
so which is better?

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The only occasion I take a PW Champ with my Berzerker is when I field Kharn with them. The reason is that you have to kill the guy with the PF in the enemy unit, before he can strike Kharn and instakill him. Therefore the 5 more PW Attacks at I5 are crucial for Kharn's survival. And Kharn is pretty good against walkers and tanks anyway. The only problem are MCs.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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