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Power Fist/Klaw with second CCW

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suppose my nob has a Power Klaw and a slugga (pistol). The rule book states that weapons such as Power Klaws (same thing as a Power Fist) don't get an additional attack from having a second CCW like a pistol, but does the model still benefit? Does a nob (with a Power Klaw and a pistol) get to make 3 attacks with a Power Klaw and one additional attack with base stats or does he only get the 3 Power Klaw attacks and not benefit from an additional CCW?
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I vaguely remember some rules on mixed close combat weapons (sadly I can't give a page reference). The example was a model armed with a Power weapon and a Power Fist. If the user chooses to strike with the power weapon, he gains +1 attack from the Power Fist as it's a close combat weapon and power weapons make no such exception to this rule. If however he strikes with the power fist, he gains the double strength bonus, but not +1 Attack, as the rules for power fists state that you can only gain +1 attack from another power fist.

To answer your question, you could strike using the pistol (counting it as a close combat weapon) and gain +1 attack, but you would do so with none of the Power Klaw's perks.

I know the wording of "A normal and a special weapon" sounds like it specifically countermands this, but that could be the wording taken too literally, considering this little shoutbox seemed to specifically address that issue.
Aha, I just 'updated' my copy of 5th Ed and that's what the rules now state. Which is a shame, since it takes the fun out of things like Chaos Champions armed with a power sword and fist. Well, actually it doesn't, I just don't get +1A for it.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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