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Prebattle stuff.
I told my enemy that this would be an unbound army AND a Chaos Space Marine faction at 2000pts and would have less than 20 models. His assumption based on what I would normally use against him and knowing the models I have he thought (in the after fight he explained reasoning for his picks) that I would be taking an army with 3-4 Nurgle Princes LV 3 trying for Ironarms, A pair of Land Raiders full with CC armed up Terminator / Mutilators / Obliterator maybe with a pair of Lords armed with stuff like AoBF and Murdersword or whatever. Either way working out CC was gunna be the thing and Heavy Armour was on its way or at least 2+ saves.

Crimson Slaughter Brutes Army.

1 Murder pack
1X Helbrute Champion (Character) Reaper and Missiles, AoDG, Pack Leader, Fear, Warlord Trait (Pall of Mist)
4X Helbrute Reaper and Missiles.

Mayhem Pack
3X Helbrute with Multimelta and Fists.

Mayhem Pack
3X Helbrute with Reapers and Fists.

Mayhem Pack
3X Helbrute with Reapers and Fists.

1X Maulerfiend

1X Maulerfiend

1X Aegis with Comms Relay

1X Void Shield Generator


Got the Trait I wanted, couldn't see many useful ones out there in the larger group outside of maybe Command : reroll 1s on shooting to hit, or Personal IWND or Counterattack, Strategic : Night Fight/Vision or Reroll Reserves, Though the reroll wouldn't be needed because of the Relay. Went for CS however as it had 5/6 useful ones, though mostly not amazingly useful (FC/Rage / -LD always & additional -LD on fear for all in 12" / Burning enemies in melee / Hatred) took my chances of getting Shrouded and won :) Shame I couldn't have elected one of the Mayhem Brutes as leader or many of the ones I mentioned earlier might have been good.


Imperial Force (Black Templar)
1X Chapter Master, Terminator Armour, Shield Eternal, Burning Blade (275)
(designed to be a rock that wont get crushed by the princes)

1X 6 Terminator Assault Squad, 6X Hammers and Shields. (270)
(Group the Master will hang with and hoping to rip apart princes with a nice 3++ save as well)

1X 5 Tactical Squad, Plasmagun & Rhino (120) (Could have been Crusader Initiates)
1X 5 Tactical Squad, Plasmagun & Rhino (120) (Could have been Crusader Initiates)
1X 5 Tactical Squad, Plasmagun & Rhino (120) (Could have been Crusader Initiates)
1X 5 Tactical Squad, Plasmagun (85) (Could have been Crusader Initiates)
(Designed both to sweep objectives as needed and also the Plasma to take out stuff if pos or delay the stuff I had from moving in to key positions)

1X 3 Centurion Devastators, Grav Cannons and Grav Amps, Omniscope (260)
(Tank hunters of course with AP2)

1X Imperial Knight Errant (370)
1X Imperial Knight Errant (370)
(Both of these were designed to blow up the land raiders and crush down the termys / oblits or whatever before they can hit back)

Seemed to be 10pts missing, but I'm sure a squad or 2 had melta bomb or something on a sergeant.


Mission "Big guns never tire" 3 Objectives rolled. 1 in middle, placed by me, 2 placed in his deployment area by him.

Having a brief argument before the first turn started because my Helbrute Champ was my Warlord I must not have a HQ in my army as it would mean he would have had to be my warlord as the only character. But as the Helbrute champ classes as a char then he could take it with equal priority as a Chaos Lord.

Chaos Turn 1
Maulers run forward flanking on left and right of the map hidden behind well placed buildings from the sights of the 2 Knights.
Near Void Shield and Aegis the Murder pack shoots Knight#1 with 10 Reaper shots vs front arc (9 Hits, 3 Glance, 1 Save) 5 Krak Missiles (3 Hits, 2 Glance, 0 Saves) Total 4 HP removed 2 to go.

Imperial Turn 1
Still knowing something is coming next turn but no idea what (assuming it must be a ton of Obliterators or Terminators and maybe a lord or 2, maybe even striking in princes at T2). The Centurions move till they are in range of the Murder pack, also keeping his Tacticals forming a covering circle around his Centurions and Terminators ready to act. Knight#1 moved more centrally to keep away from the Mauler on that side it couldnt shoot. The other advanced towards the Mauler on his side but keeping LOS to the Murder pack.
Centurions start the firing the 15 Grav-Cannon shots (11 Hits, 5 shots required to take out the shield, 1 of the remaining 6 hits Immobilise result though saved on 2+ Cover (Aegis + Shrouded). 0 HP lost
2 Knights turn their guns on the Murder pack. Not in Melta range yet and knowing it is rather pointless due to 2+ cover saves 2 Large Blasts come down 1 hitting and the other scattering away. The first shot hit only 1 of the pack and Penetrates and rolls a 5 (+2 for being AP 1 making it a 7). With all the confidence in the world I roll a 1 and fail my cover save and he goes down. The second shot hits 3 of them including the pack leader. 1 glance and 1 pen, both saved. (1 Brute down, but still no First Blood due to it being a Vehicle Squad).

Chaos Turn 2
With the dark gods at my side I roll my first reserves roll and on a 4 the Mayhem Melta Squad will arrive. I roll again and once again the next squad arrives, I roll again and praise that change I made to my army on my last draft and the comms relay reroll brings down the last. At this point my opponent is cursing me out as I place the 9 helbrutes on the edge of the table ready to deep strike. Rolling for each as individuals now for scatter, I am lucky that 2 of the melta ones land near the middle and the last lands with a small scatter near the weaker knight. The ones armed with reapers all land almost where I intend or within walking distance next turn to get back to where they should have been. Though 1 is misplaced and is placed in the very corner of the map with very little chance to LOS anything for 2 turns. Line Breaker Achieved.
The Maulerfiends move in for the kill. 1 is Just 6” from the weaker Knight, the other is 10” away from the stronger, but only 6” from one of those tactical squads.
Having taken glancing and a penetrating hit on the previous turn though being saved by cover the Murder pack leader and 1 of the remaining ones had a Crazed token and the result of Firefrenzy was picked for both as the leader allows you to pick the result. I weigh up my options to take out the weaker Knight, the stronger Knight or go for the Centurion. I choose to delay this in favour of using Mayhem with the Melta nearby first. Shooting him in the back he chooses to protect his rear with the shield. I Shoot, I Hit, I Pen, He Saves...
Now the weaker becomes the target of the Murder pack. I think he deemed it the sacrificial lamb to stop the other one being crippled. Once again 12 Reaper shots fire, the 2 with firefrenzy giving me the extra shots (7 Hits 2 Glance) Bang goes the first Knight. The missile launchers didn't even get to fire. The Mauler near him sits idle wondering why he even bothered. Those the Explosion rolling a 1 fails to harm either the Mauler or Brute. First Blood Achieved.
The other 2 Meltas fire at the Knight#2 1 is only just on the side arc and the other just on the rear. The one against the side fires first. He elects to put his shield to face that way, not knowing if the second will fire at him yet. 1 Shot, 1 Hit, but fails to Pen. Second shot, 1 Hit, 1 Pen, Roll of a 6 and ends with 3 HPs down. 3 HP to Go.
5 Reaper armed Mayhems still left to fire. 3 have a go at Knight#2 but with only 4 hits and 1 glance it was absorbed by the shield.
The other 2 fire in to a rhino and blow 1 up also killing 2 of the tactical marines inside, including the plasma.
Before the Assault phase begins the Mauler near the carcus of Knight#1 opts to run closer and use the corpse as cover from the other knight or grav cannons.
The other Mauler successfully charges one of the tactical squads and eats the rhino and 1 of the squad members.
With the turn almost over the void shield regenerates.

Imperial Turn 2
Knowing what he is against and having lost 2 rhinos, 2 guys including a plasma from 1 tactical squad and another 1 guy in the other, 1 Knight and having been taken down to 3 HP left. Weighing up his options he moves his chapter master and squad towards some of the helbutes at the back in hope to do a disordered charge against 1 melta and 1 reaper. The Tactical squad who were engaged with the Mauler elected to flee in the previous turn after losing combat. The other tactical squad with Plasma hops around the back of the Mauler who was taking cover behind the dead knight.
The Shooting starts with the Plasma behind the Mauler next to the dead knight. Enough shots from bolters and the plasma go in to its back that even with the 5++ demon save he still falls dead. Big guns never tire +1VP for a heavy kill.
The untouched tactical squad without the rhino tries the same thing against the Melta Brute that was near the knight corpse but only takes off 1 HP with a glance.
The 4 man squad with plasma what was assaulted by the mauler the previous turn only has the option to fire at the previous attacker and causes no damage with the plasma due to the 5++ save.
The Centurions fire at the remaining Mauler and with 15 shots, 9 hit, 2 immobilise and both are saved.
Just the Knight left to fire and it chooses to fire on the close by Reaper Brute. He fails to kill it in 1 shot but takes 1 HP off, though in the assault phase he charges it.
The terminators and Master charge
The Knight and Brute strike at the same time as they have I4. The knight kills the Brute and in turn the Brute ends up sinking his powerfist deep in to the leg of the knight and causes it to explode rolling a 5 on the catastrophic damage and the resulting explosion causes a weapon destroy on the nearby Reaper Brute, but this is regenerated by IWND
The combat between the disordered charge and the 2 helbrutes 1 melta and 1 reaper ended with 2 terminators dead and the melta brute down as well. The reaper surviving untouched.

Chaos Turn 3
So with 4 of the Murder pack left, 1 of the Melta down to 1HP left, 1 dead and the other sitting near the new corpse of the knight, 3 Reapers left outside of combat and 1 locked with the squad of 3 terminators and the Chapter Master.
Movement consists of moving most of the brutes in to range to charge. The melta with 1HP moves at the tactical squad with the rhino blows it up with the melta and charges the unit later in the turn killing 2 marines including the plasma.
The Murder pack fires all its shots in to the centurions and manages to only kill 1 due to the 2+ saving throws.
The last reaper edges towards the 3 man tactical squad who lost their rhino and 2 guys earlier. He shoots and kills 1 more. On charging he kills 1 more leaving just 1 left who doesn't manage to hurt the Reaper.
1 Melta on the side where the newly exploded knight was and 2 of the reapers near the middle of the field move in and charge the terminators to join in with the reaper still locked in combat. Under the weight of 4 Helbrutes the remaining 3 terminators die, but the Chapter master survives with 3 wounds left.
The Maulerfiend who is left charges in to the centurions and finishes them off.

Seeing that he had only a few tactical marines left and his leader, while having 4 reapers, 2 melta, 1 mauler, and the 4 remaining Murder pack hidden behind a void shield the Imperial player declares his defeat and shakes my hand.

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Good report and also...incredible. This list is actually working.
hase some rep for the mythical endeavour of having fielded a true mad army!

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Just one quibble-can a Formation count as a Supplement? Like, the Helbrute Formations as a part of the Crimson Slaughter supp? It strikes me that they're independent things, technically... ah well. Still, nice to see that the list tore things to bits neatly.

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I cant see why it cant class as part of a supplement in the same way as the apocalypse formation / dataslates have chapter tactics for marines. Though fear didn't play any part in the game I guess the warlord trait did save 1 of the murder pack early on and discouraged shooting at it after that.
I guess in normal play it wouldn't matter, but I would assume dataslates would always take the specialist bonuses of the primary army it comes from. Otherwise I think the Ghost Warrior formation thing would be cack for Iyanden who have nice special rules.

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My guess is...

Each datasheet will list the Faction it is part of. The Faction determines which codex datasheet is considered part of for all rules purposes. For example, a datasheet for a new Space Marine Army List Entry can be used in any detachment chosen from Codex: Space Marines, while a datasheet for a new Ork Formation would be treated as a detachment from Codex: Orks, and so on."
Would mean as CS / BL or whatever are allowed to use all the normal stuff from the core codex but MUST use the modified rules for their own chapter. Then you could have the dataslate as that chapter.​
The other example might be some of the Tau formations with the Farsight book, as far as I remember some of the rules in there would be kinda essential to the theme of the army.​
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