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As with 'Run for your life', posted elsewhere on this site this is a little bit of fluff that I wrote for a scenario published online for Games Workshops Specialist Games specifically for Necromunda. You can find it on their website under the title 'Chaos Gate' I don't think there is a copyright problem as I'm the author, but if there is Mods, delete it and let me know.


“I want fire laid down on sectors 4, 5, 7, and 9. Squads are to hold their positions at all costs. We will not
fall back, do ya’ hear me Master Sergeant” the Captain screamed into the vox-mike.
Orlando Drien, captain of the 4th Platoon of the Necromundian ‘Spiders’, surveyed the scene before
him. They had been battling against an unremitting enemy for more than four hours now. Casualties
had been severe on both sides but still the enemy kept coming. His own command had been so reduced
in numbers that he had press-ganged several, so-called Hive gangs into the Defense Forces ranks.
Initially he had thought that they would only be a temporary stopgap until more Imperial reinforcements
arrived, but several of the ‘gangers’ had surprised them with their skill and strength. He had given one
of these men, a grizzled veteran called ‘Duke’ command of two squads, and he was now over on the east
quadrant defending the line admirably.
“Quadrant 6, what is your current situation, over” he spoke into the vox-mike.
“Feth, it’s getting hot here. Mueller, Ghang, and O’Dol are down. We have multiple targets swamping
the sensors and Mel says that something pulled five of his men over the wall. Can’t say exactly what, but
it wasn’t human I can tell you” Duke replied.
Drien could hear the weapon fire in the background of the broadcast and knew that Duke and the men
were under severe pressure.
“What’s your supply situation like?” Drien asked.
“Energy packs are running low. Frag and Krak; well, I can count them on one hand. Can you resupply?”
“That’s affirmative Duke. I will bring the stuff myself. Be with you in five. Over”
Drien turned to the corporal beside him,
“Thorne, grab as many lasgun energy packs as you can and some F & K’s from the bunker; we are
heading over to Quad 6 for a recce and re-supply.”
“Multan,” he now spoke to the lieutenant scanning the kill-zone in front of their position through a
visual scanner, “you have command until I return. I’m going to the eastern sector to re-supply 9th
“Yessir.” The lieutenant replied without ceasing his scan.
Multan came running up to Drien carrying two large ammo canisters and a rucksack on his back. The
canisters contained the grenades and the energy packs were crammed into the rucksack. They both ran
off between two, dark brown pillars supporting the platform above the command post, heading off
towards the firefight in the east.
They started to hear the fizz of Lasgun fire and the distinctive ‘crump’ of frag grenade explosions
several hundred meters from the eastern barricades. They sped up as they heard shouts and screams
echoing through the dark, and as they closed on the positions, they could start to see the flash of the
lasgun fire flying out over the tall walls overlooking the eastern quadrants fire-zone, striking at
shadowed and unseen enemy rushing towards the walls.
Drien jogged up to the stairs which lead up to the walkways at the top of the barricades, with Multan
following behind, panting with the effort of carrying the supplies. Above him, Drien could see
guardsmen firing the rifles at unseen targets beyond the barricade, shouting encouragement at each
other and pointing out targets in the murky distance.
He looked up and along the wall, trying to locate Duke and finally found him leaning over the parapet
and loosing off his bolt pistol towards the base of the wall.
“Follow me,” Drien said to Multan, and started to climb the stairs up to the top.
No sooner had Drien placed his foot on the first step then a large explosion shook the entire area. No
more than 50 feet away a gigantic fireball ripped through the barricades wall sending metal shrapnel
whizzing over their heads. Unfortunate guardsmen who had been firing their guns directly above the
explosion where thrown up and way in great arcs, their bodies shattered and crumpled by the force of
the detonation.

Dazed and bloodied, Drien lifted his head and shook it to stop the ringing in his ears. Beside him lay the
body of Multan, a large, two-foot long shard of metal impaled through his eye-socket. Looking around
him at the scene of destruction, he saw a dozen broken bodies scattered across the ground; some were
moaning and crying for their parents or the Emperor himself to spare them from the agony of their
Grabbing hold of the stairs bent and twisted railings, Drien pulled himself shakily to his feet. He brushed
himself down, and then started to look at the destruction caused to the barricades by the explosion.
Looking upwards towards the balustrade that ran around the barricade top he noticed a form rising up
through the rubble – it was Duke, the Hive gang leader that had been in charge of the sector. Drien
waved to him and Duke raised a weary hand back in recognition. Then he seemed to be trying to say
something but Drien could not make out what the words where: the ringing in his ears was still affecting
his hearing. He shook his head to try to shift the disability and his ears popped, clearing the deafness.
He looked back up at Duke and shouted, “What did you say?”
“Be…behind you…” the Duke replied.
Turning slowly, Drien pivoted on the spot to look at what Duke had been warning him of: standing
before him was a creature that he had heard of only in his darkest moments; a daemonette of Slaanesh.
The creature was about 6 foot tall, skin pale as ivory. It’s eyes were large and effeminate and were set in
a face so beautiful and seductive that Drien found himself transfixed as if roots had grow from his feet
and dug deep into the ground.
The creature licked its lips with a tongue split like a snakes and strode hypnotically forward towards
Drien. It did not have hands as such, but its arms tapered down into claw-like appendages razor sharp
and dripping with the blood of guardsmen. It stepped forwards, sensually and insidiously, step by step
until it stood before the Guard captain.
Drien knew he had to react quickly for these creatures were swift, agile, and deadly. He drew his power
sword and plasma pistol and uttered the charge order to his remaining troops. Or, at least that is what
he wanted to do, but his lips would not move. His hand signals were likewise useless.
‘By the Emperor, you shall feel his might!’ Drien bellowed and rushed the creature. He lifted his power
sword and swung it in a high arc at the creature’s head but again, as he tried to move his feet, but they
would not move at his command.
‘Fine’ he thought to himself. He pulled the trigger on his plasma pistol, set to high, and was astonished
to see it was still in his hip hoslter. He had never drawn it. This could not be happening to him Drien
thought. With his body not moving at his command he could only express true horror at what he was
witnessing. He would not give in, as long as his thoughts were of the Emperor he would find his
salvation, at least not of his own free will.
From the platform above, the former hive ganger Duke watched this, unable to speak or to warn Drien
to flee. He watched as the creature casually leant forward and pushed its purple lips against Driens’,
almost tenderly but with a purpose that was devious and sinister. It wrapped on arm around the
guardsman, and slowly drew its other claw back before thrusting it forward through the chest of Drien.
Driens body shook with the impact, but still the embrace held until Driens body slowly sagged and his
head fell backwards, and the creature pulled its claw from his chest and the body slumped to the ground.
The creature listed its appendage to its lips and licked the fallen guardsman’s blood from it with its
forked tongue. It then raised its head, looked directly into Dukes eyes, and hissed through bloodied lips;
Duke offered a prayer to the Emperor for he knew that his time of release had come.

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