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I posted this on another forum, wanted to get some more feedback. Please give it a chance!!

To get to the point, I got bored one day and invented a 40k dice game. I know WH40k is a dice game, but this is a "strictly dice" game, meaning you only need dice (11 6-sided dice), and a score sheet.

I will post the game in its entirety below, but a word of warning: If you want to play, you will either need to get some blank dice to make the dice for the game, or a chart of what each side of the dice represents. If you go the latter route, you need 6 dice of one color, 3 of another color, and two more dice of different colors (4 colors in all). I PROMISE IT IS WORTH IT! I will post my own personal chart at the bottom for your reference.

Now, on to the game. Please try it out, and help me refine it!!

The rules:
Each player starts with 50 points. A player wins by reducing his opponent to zero points.
Players may choose to end their turn at any time, however three “Death” rolls ends the turn, negating all dice scored for the turn.
All dice must be rolled, except dice that have been scored this turn.
Once a die is kept, it cannot be rerolled later that turn (unless a specific rule states otherwise).

The dice:
There are four types of dice: “Death” dice, “Troop” dice, a “Commander” die, and a “Blessing” die. The “Troop” dice have Troops on 4 sides, a Veteran on one side, and are blank on the other. The “Commander” die is the same, but with a commander instead of a Veteran. The “Death” dice have a “Death” symbol on 2 sides, and are blank on the other 4. The “Blessing” die is the same, but with “Blessed” symbols instead of “Death” symbols.
1. Troop – This is your basic infantry, most common but lowest scoring. Can be scored individually.
2. Veteran – This is your elite troop, more rare, but higher scoring. Can only be scored in squads of exactly three, but need not all be scored in one roll.
3. Commander – Only one commander per army, worth the most points. Can only be scored with a squad of Veterans (requiring four dice total to score), not necessarily in one roll.
4. Death – Represents a significant loss. Either killed in combat or lost en route (when reinforcing). Accumulating three of these will end your turn, with no points scored.
5. Blessing – You have been favored by a great leader, gaining a bonus!

The “Blessing” die:
Each army has a special Blessing die, which grants an added bonus to that army. In order to receive the boon, you must roll the “Blessed” symbol on the Blessing die. However, the Blessing die may NOT be set aside at any point on your turn. It must be rerolled every time you choose to roll again. The only way to collect the special bonus is for you to roll the blessed symbol and end your turn on that roll. NOTE: A player never has to claim their blessing unless they want to, no matter what. There are cases in which a player may not want their blessing.
The turn:
1. Declare to either assault or reinforce. If assaulting, also declare an opponent to assault
2. Roll ALL dice
3. Set aside all “Death” rolls
4. Set aside any other dice you would like to keep for the turn
5. You may either reroll ALL remaining dice not set aside or choose to end your turn
6. If you choose to end your turn, total your score and your turn is over
7. If three “Death” rolls accumulate (not just in one roll), your turn ends and you lose all points scored this turn.

Troops are worth 1 point each, each squad of Veterans is worth 5 points, and the Commander is worth 5 points. Remember: Troops can be scored individually, but Veterans can only be scored in groups of three (not 4 or 5), and the Commander requires a squad of Veterans to score! If you end your turn with an incomplete squad of Veterans, or a Commander without a squad of Veterans, these dice are worth zero points.
Add up the total points for your turn. If you were Assaulting, your opponent deducts that many points from his/her score. If you were reinforcing, add that many points to your score, plus 5 points for each “Death” roll fewer than three you rolled this turn. For example, if you rolled only one “Death” roll while reinforcing, gain 6 bonus points. It is now your opponent’s turn.
Example turn: Player 1 declares that he will be assaulting. He rolls all 11 dice, with the following results: Death, Blank, Blank, Blank, Troop, Troop, Troop, Troop, Veteran, Commander, Blessed. He sets aside the “Death” roll (as these rolls MUST be kept). He may now choose to end his turn (scoring 4 points, for his 4 “Troops”, as well as the Blessed), or set aside some dice and roll again. Deciding he can score higher, he sets aside his Veteran and Commander, rolling the remaining 8 dice (since he is not allowed to keep his Blessing die).
This time, he rolls: Death, Blank, Blank, Veteran, Veteran, Troop, Troop, Troop. Again he sets aside his “Death” roll, as well as Veterans (making a total of three Veterans, a complete squad!). He has now accumulated two “Death” rolls, and rolling again risks losing his points for the turn, so he ends his turn. Setting aside his Troops as well, he scores a total of 13 points (5 for his squad of Veterans, 5 for his Commander, and 3 for his three Troops). Since he was assaulting, his opponent loses 13 points.\

The Blessings:
Space Marines – For the Emperor! – You are an instrument of the Emperor’s wrath, carrying out his will and smiting his enemies with righteous zeal.
- On your next turn, if you assault, you may treat all blank sides of “Troop” dice as Veterans.
Imperial Guard – The Emperor Protects – The beneficent Emperor of Mankind has turned His gaze upon you, momentarily shielding you from death.
- On your next turn, ignore your first “Death” roll. You may expend this Blessing prior to your next turn, if your opponent assaults you. You must declare this prior to your opponent’s first roll of the turn, after they choose to assault. Your opponent selects one of his/her “Death” dice, setting it aside as though it was rolled as a “Death” roll. In effect, your opponent starts with one “Death” roll already set aside.
Orks – Waaagh! – In life there is only war, and you embrace it. You charge fearlessly into battle, heedless of your own survival.
- On your next turn, you must assault. During that turn, Troops are worth 2 points, and squads of Veterans, as well as your Commander, are worth 7 points. Your opponent loses that many points, as normal. Then, subtract 3 points from your own score for each “Death” you rolled.
Chaos Space Marines – Blood for the Blood God! – The Blood God cares not whose blood is spilled in his name, your blood or your foes’.
- On your next turn, if you assault, add 5 points to your score for each “Death” roll you accumulate. You gain these points even if you roll all three “Death” rolls and would otherwise lose all points for the turn.
Eldar – Avatar of Khaine – You summon an Avatar of Khaine, the bloody-handed god, to wreak havoc amongst your enemies.
- On your next turn, if you assault, your Commander does NOT require a squad of Veterans to score, and is worth 10 points, instead of the normal 5.
Tyranids – Hive Mind – The presence of the Hive Mind bonds your army to one will, drawing all of your Troops together in force to overwhelm your foes.
- On your next turn, if you assault, treat all blank sides of “Troop” dice as Troops. Each Troop is worth 2 points, and your Commander does NOT require a squad of Veterans to score. Additionally, the first time you roll your third “Death” roll, you may roll your Blessing die. If you roll the blessed symbol, your turn ends immediately, but you still score points for the turn. (You do not also gain the blessing).
Necrons – Living Metal – Your army can repair itself, making you nearly impossible to kill. As your foes stare in horror, once-dead soldiers rise to fight again.
- On your next turn, if you reinforce, all Troops are worth 2 points, and squads of Veterans, as well as your Commander, are worth 7 points. You may expend this Blessing prior to your next turn, if your opponent assaults you. You must declare this prior to your opponent’s first roll of the turn, after they choose to assault. After your opponent totals their points for the turn and you lose the appropriate number of points, regain 10 points.

My dice chart is below:

Six same-colored dice ("Troop" dice):
1 = Blank
2-5 = Troop
6 = Veteran

Single die ("Commander" die):
1 = Blank
2-5 = Troop
6 = Commander

Single die ("Blessing" die):
1-4 = Blank
5-6 = Blessed

Three same-colored dice ("Death" dice):
1-2 = Death
3-6 = Blank

I think it's pretty fun game, and I think it has potential. It's not nearly the complexity of 40k, clearly, but it's also much faster. You and a friend (or several) can knock out a game on your lunch break, or between classes, or whenever, without a serious time investment. Plus, you can easily toss the bag of dice in your pocket and take it anywhere you want. It's pretty simple to learn and teach, and I'm a little proud.

Some design notes: I originally wanted to make each race use different dice (assuming the game ever made it to production), but didn't. Here is why:
1. Using one set of dice means not each person needs their own set. If it were made into a real game, you could play with one set of dice, OR each player could have their own army-themed set (Orky-looking dice or Imperial dice, etc).
2. I wasn't sure how to represent each army while maintaining balance in a simplistic game. I wanted Tyranids to use more dice, or have fewer blank dice, but I couldn't think how to make it not strictly better to play a "swarm" army, apart from introducing a points cost for each troop or something, but that made it too complex.

Anyway, please give it a shot. I would love some feedback!

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Nice concept. Simple. Quick. Plus Rep for you.
I like that fact that you were able to hold back and not go crazy trying to 'model' the 40K game with dice. I think adding too many special abilities, like your horde example, would get in the way of a fun little game.

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looks pretty cool so far, ill give it a try this evening when my son gets home from school.

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Well thanks guys! I hope you enjoy it, and please provide some feedback!!

One clarification brought up elsewhere: If you roll "blank" on any dice, those cannot be kept. You must roll them again, unless you choose to end your turn. (This is so you can't set aside blanks on the death dice)

Thanks again!!

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Looks pretty fun, reminds me of a mix between Dragon Dice and Roll Through The Ages.

I would love to hear a description of your thought process for coming up with this game.

Good job
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