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Triple land raider has been done for a long time now in 5th ed and frankly it is pretty terrible, especially at a points level like this one.

The Sanguinary Priests and Power Fists on the Assault squads aren't what I'd optimal - you're spending all of those points to make 10 marines more survivable. You'll also be lucky to even swing that powerfist against anything half decent in CC.

Also, *way* before you consider giving a LR a Storm Bolter, Extra Armour should be a priority. Raiders are meant to deliver units into CC and if they can't get there, what good are they? You have spare points though, so I guess you could spend them on that.

That said, vanilla Raiders generally aren't the way to go because they don't bring all that much firepower and want to sit back anyways...

Anywho in 1500 I'd suggest sticking with 2 (Crusader or Redeemer) Raiders (at the most...this setup usually works best at >1750 pts) because as it is you have very little to stop your opponents from getting into melta range and popping those land raiders.

Another problem is that you're lacking in the anti-tank department - guard lists will give you a *lot* of trouble.

So my question is: are you entertaining the idea of scaling down to a dual-raider list? Because if not, all you can really do is hope your opponent is lacking melta weaponry lol.
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