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monolith spam his list cant handle the armor 14 living metal tank. take a bunch of destroyers pop his light armor and rhinos and get those zerkers on foot. then take care of abbadon with a nightbringer i love abbadon and he is one of the hqs i think has a chance of killing the nightbringer but night bringer has the warscythe which allows no saves at all. but abbadon has like 5 attacks on the charge +D6 with re rolls to wound. he is I5 too S8. so that might be suicide for the night bringer.
Do not do this. ^

Instead knock out his transport vehicles with Heavy Destroyers so that he has to walk. Shoot up the Berserkers and "Black Legion" with normal Destroyers and Warriors. The Thousand Sons can likely be more or less safely ignored despite their AP3 bolters if you use cover in addition to We'll Be Back!.

As for Abaddon, Kharn and Ahriman he's only able to use two of those characters in a single game, so in all likelihood he'll choose Abaddon and Kharn and try to assault you. As long as they're walking it should be easy to destroy their accompanying units and then avoid the characters until you're ready to deal with them. Kharn can be shot down easily enough with massed firepower but Abaddon is a different story - if you end up needing to kill him you'll only do it by pouring all kinds of different firepower into him. Small arms and heavy weapons both need to be directed his way to have a chance of bringing him down. Whatever you do do not let him or Kharn get into combat with you as they'll eat absolutely everything the Necrons can field bar C'tan.

Hope this helps.
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