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I'm trying to find good budget plasticard for Bromley, and was wondering if a) any of you knew where to get it in bulk, or in good quantities at least, and b) is plasticard PVC sheeting?
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Polystyrene is not the same thing as PVC ;)

PVC needs special Treatment before you can glue it. And it contains Chloride, which means that if you burn it, you will get some nasty Gas, that is more toxic like the gas from Polystyrene.

Polsterene needs only a solvent as glue. Allso PVC is more expensive then Sterene.

Most of the Models from Tamiya and Revell (allso the sprues from GW) are made from Polystyrene.

(Sorry, but i am working since 10 years now with Plastics in every shape and colour and there some things i just can´t stand)


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The Foam is made from the same Plastic which they use to made the Sheds or the little Pipes from "Evergreen"

The difference between the Foam-Stuff and the white Sheds of Plasticcard are some kind of propellent (<---not shure about the right word)

If you don´t trust me, visit Evergreen on there Website:

http://www.evergreenscalemodels.com/ <-----and then read carefully

"Evergreen Scale Models is the world's largest producer of styrene plastic shapes, strips, and sheet materials in metric and inch sizes. You can build clean, accurate models using Evergreen Scale Models products. Available at hobby shops everywhere."

If you then say, that the Sheets are PVC, then look

http://www.evergreenscalemodels.com/Sheets.htm <----here, right on top say´s:

White Sheets Opaque White Styrene " <----Hmmmm
And if you looooooooook veeeerrrrrryyyyyyyy close, you will see that there Sheets from Styrene in 0,13 mm. And thats a huge difference to 9mm, or not?

PVC is that thing, your Floor covering is made of.

So i must say, my Friend:

You maybe used all 3 types of materials to build your stuff, but I MADE all 3 types of materials. I WORKED over 10 Years with Plastics of all Kind, and i know what i am saying. I had professional training for 3 years to become an specialised Worker for Plastics.

Ok, i must say, i misspelled maybe the Styrene<---->Polystyrene-thing, but in Germany we use the words this way (Styrene (Styrol) is the basic Molecule which the Polystyrene (Polystyrol) is made off. The small word "Poly" means something like "more of the same kind").

I don´t want a apology about your posting, Bloodhound. But i must say that it is wrong from you to say i am so wrong, without even try
to use google before you are posting.
I posted some links to Wiki above....i don´t believe you read them, or did you? Cos then you may have seen, that my posting was corectly.


I just google a little and found this link:


So you an see,against your words, even GW sayes "Styrene"
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Jeah, the soft, fluffy white things are expanded PS, which means they inthe Factory they use Steam to heat up the Raw-Material. Then they expand about 5x the Time they had before. If you fill the Material in a closed Mold, and steam up then, you get that stuff your TV´s are packed in.

If you put the Raw-material intu an Extruder (don´t know the english word for) you get as result the harder foam, known as "Styrojack)

Wenn you use the Raw-Material without the special propellent, you can injection Mold the Material, and get Things like the sprues from GW.

So, it´s no big difference between your Army, your Gamingtable and Plasticard......it´s the same Material in different shapes.
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