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Plastic Abaddon Conversion

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I converted this model when the plastic Chaos Terminator Lord came out. The old metal model although still a classic just does not fit in with the current plastic Terminators i mean a chaos lord's bodyguard should not be bigger and taller than him right.

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The conversion is really simple to do here are the things you will need.
1:A Plastic Terminator Lord Box Set
2:An Abaddon the Despoiler model you will have to buy the hole model sense GW no longer sells bits:threaten:.

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The only bits you will need is the Top Knot,The Talons of Horus,and the Daemon Sword Drach'nyen.

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Do this after you glue the head to the body so you can get it in the right spot. Now carefully cut off the Top Knot from Abaddon's head then find a drill bit that is alittle bigger than it is and drill a shallow hole in the top of the bald plastic head then pin the Top Knot to the head.

Next use the Sorcerer's staff arm cut it off at the elbow then test fit it so it will be where you want it. then pin Drach'nyen into place. Next you will have to cut the elbow off of The Talons of Horus then cut off the Combi-Bolter arm at the elbow and pin it into place. After that your done.

One thing you might want to do before you attach the head to the body is glue on the Trophy Racks so that the head can fit on better.

Have Fun " I know i did"

Also my friend MBG Rob Bear from FTW Games took the pictures of my model at Games Day this year and kindly posted them on his web site.
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Great job i was looking at the plastic lord the other day and started think about this type of conversion.
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