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Plasma Rifle?

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I had the idea for my Home Brew Legion that I will hopefully be getting special Characters sculpted for soon. One of those characters will be a scout Captain.
Seeing as though the Primarch was really nice mates with the Mechanicum I was wondering if the Idea of a Plasma Gun-Sniper Rifle hybrid would be too far fetched?
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The trade off for any hand held plasma weapon is the chance of it exploding messily in the users' hands, if you maintain this with your sniper rifle - i don't see it being too game breaking. In terms of fluff, i don't see it being too far fetched to have a plasma shot stabilised within a mechanical round that comes apart on impact, there are far crazier weapons out there.

A melta-sniper rifle though would though be game breaking :)
well the sun manages to kick off a fair bit of heat and that's a bit of a distance away.
Yes but it's diameter is 109 times that of Earth, it's mass is 330,000 times that of Earth and accounts for 99.86% of the mass of the Solar System.
To summarise- the Sun is fucking huge
Fusion is still fusion, the temperature of a contemporary man made hydrogen bomb is comparable to our sun, and don't the marines have fusion reactor backpacks? I haven't got the accumulated knowledge of tens of thousand years of invention and knowledge to help me out here (like with the construction of the phalanx which kind of defies logic) but at a push i could probably hazard a guess you could concentrate infrared particles (either in a cyclotron or a half silvered mirror like you do with lasers & photons) and spit it out in one burst that could cover enough distance given it was focused correctly.

This is perhaps the nerdiest conversation i have ever taken part in.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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