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Every now and then I see a random bit of plastic or polystyrene and think to myself, that would make a good bunker/hill/ruin. Now and then, I actually make what I'm thinking. This "Plasma Reactor with storage facility" was free with my Easter Egg. :grin:

Food Snack Junk food Confectionery Wafer

I stuck it down on a bit of card from the box to make it more sturdy. Some sand around the edge. Then a couple of bendy straws for added detail. (The Plasma has to get into the storage tank somehow...) A quick blast with some cheap black spray and it's ready for painting.

Snack Food

I painted a bit of Agrellan Earth on it here and there to add a bit of texture. A quick paint job later and there you go, it's a Plasma Reactor with Storage Facility. :victory:

Cake Baked goods Serveware Fondant Tableware
Helmet Turquoise Fashion accessory

Just a fun project to take a break from painting regular models.
Thanks for reading. :grin:

Blue Fashion accessory Turquoise Bead Turquoise
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