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I guess I should Introduce myself...

Real name: Brendon

Age: 20, 09/25/86

Location: Purdue University (Indiana, US)

Reason for Joining: Got an e-mail, decided since there was no where else to go, joining might help re-kindle the 40K fire.

Armies: SM, not sure what rules set I'm gonna use, vanilla or DA.
TAU, workin on painting.

Gaming Experience: I've played half a battle with a High School Friend, but we didn't really get that far. I actually derive most of my fun planning out how to spend the 2,000 pts, and painting the miniatures.

Reason for name: I have played many many computer games, enjoy messing around in Photoshop, etc. In World Of Warcraft, my main character's name is Plarz. I've been called Plarz in class before and actually respond to it as if it were my name... You talk to people online that know you as a handle often enough, stuff sticks. Decided to carry the name over.

That's enough boring you guys for now, I'll post again latas!

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Welcome to the boards.
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