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Plague or Noise?

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I've just started collecting and putting my Chaos Marines together. Originally I was thinking about going with an extremely Undivided army, but some of the god-specific stuff is starting to look pretty appealing. Unfortunately I only have so much money to put into this army, and I don't want to strain the limits of my friends' tolerance of "counts as."

I generally don't play in tournaments, so I'm not too worried about that. As for the armies I'll be playing against, one friend has Space Marines and Orks, one has Eldar and Tyranids, one has Space Wolves and Tyranids, one has Blood Angels, one has just Orks and one just has Imperial Guard. Another friend is going to get Necrons as soon as he has some money to spend on it. I'm generally the only Chaos player--I figured someone has to do it--but I also have Daemons, if we try to get someone into Warhammer and they need an army.

I know this is a pretty varied list of armies, but I'm trying to decide what would be the best investment for playing against them--regular Chaos Marines, Plague Marines or decked out Noise Marines?
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I'd say go with both. Most players use Berserkers and Plague Marines as both work well together (the Plague Marines pick up the Zerk's slack when it comes to shooting where the Zerkers make up for the Plague Marine's slowness in combat), but Noise Marines and Plague Marines are complimentary as well.

Noise Marines are quick in close combat and have access to weapons that excel at shredding light infantry and can do quite a number on heavier troops as well. With a Blastmaster, Noise Marines become an unholy terror for infantry of all kinds. Noise Marines are also quite good at dishing out pain while on the move since all sonic weaponry has a mode that allows the weapon to fire as an Assault weapon. Noise Marines are also good at taking objectives. An Aspiring Champion with a Doomsiren can kill a ton of Space Marines in a turn and because of their high Initiative excel at assaulting into cover.

Plague Marines are hard as nails and can be equipped to deal with even the heaviest vehicles. Their basic armament gives them a minimum of anti-infantry ability as well, and since they have Blight grenades Plague Marines are good at receiving charges.

Basically, you can use Noise Marines to clear objectives and Plague Marines to hold them.
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Using both sounds good, thanks guys :)

One quick question about using the Noise Marines though... if I have them sitting relatively back and shooting while the Plague Marines move up for objectives, am I better off taking the Noise Marines in squads of 5 so I can take more Blastmasters, or groups of 10 just so there's more of them to take wounds?
I wouldn't bother taking squads of Noise Marines that will do nothing but sit back and shoot. Instead take units that can be flexible. A squad of 8 with Champion with doomsiren and power weapon and two or three models with sonic blasters in a Rhino is perfect. You can either sit in the Rhino and shoot out of it in defense, or move up to assault as needed. Noise Marines are probably the most flexible Cult Marine type, so equip and use them accordingly.
If I wanted a squad of 10 where 9 of them have the Sonic Blasters, is there a more efficient way to model them from normal CSM?
Just order the sonic blasters separately. It's actually not too expensive. :)
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