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Hey Guys and Gals I came across these by Pig Iron Productions and thought they'd make excellent heads for traitorous guardsmen.

Pig Iron Productions said:
We thought it was about time we did a workbench update. What we have here is a new sprue green for the Ferals with bladed weapons we are working on at the moment. These heads represent Ferals which have removed some or all of their protective wrappings and show how twisted they have become over the decades. Most heads feature some kind of crude cybernetic implants and twisted, mutated features which would also work well on our existing rebel figures.
They will be part of the next pack and also be released as separate sprues for conversion fans.
More to follow soon.

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They dont look all that great, but something that does not look great usually does so when it is attached to the head of a not-so-good-looking heretic...
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