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Picture in Horus Rising (Possible Spoilers)

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Hi guys i was wondering if any of you had read Horus rising and looked closely at the picture on the inside cover of the book, because if i ain't mistaken theres a space marine with the markings XI. Which ofcourse is the number of one of missing legions. I wanted to just see if you thought the same or could it be squad markings.

Also theres a badge beneath it but i can't make it out clearly anyone have any thoughts?
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I was reading the 58 page thread on the black library forums about them phil sibbling whose an artist for black library believes the whole lost two legion conspiracy does have a proper story behind it now and GW ain't just written them off. The conclusion they came to is that the only way the two legions could be hidden is if the primarchs were found before Horus was, but after the rest is just theories since they couldn't of took part in the rest of the crusade otherwise both the current SM and CSM would mention them.
Horus was dreaming or hillusinating when he was in the emperors palace, its impossible for chaos to actually travel that far back in time otherwise they could simply kill the emperor and they would be able to conquer the universe. Horus was still in the temple the whole time.
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