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Picture in Horus Rising (Possible Spoilers)

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Hi guys i was wondering if any of you had read Horus rising and looked closely at the picture on the inside cover of the book, because if i ain't mistaken theres a space marine with the markings XI. Which ofcourse is the number of one of missing legions. I wanted to just see if you thought the same or could it be squad markings.

Also theres a badge beneath it but i can't make it out clearly anyone have any thoughts?
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i meant to look last night and got distracted by my cat.

its a tricky one this either way they do it. they have gone to great lengths to avoid these two legions, but i can't see how they can get through this series without mentioning them.

i highly doubt that during the whole of the heresy (and the crusade for that matter) these two missing legions had no impact upon anyone or anything of significance other than possibly each other (since it is stated that fully half the legions flocked to the warmaster, by definition one legion is heretic and one loyalist)

so the inclusion of a picture of a XI legion marine could be a sutble insight into their intention to reveal.

or on the other hand the artist f***ed up.
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