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Picture in Horus Rising (Possible Spoilers)

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Hi guys i was wondering if any of you had read Horus rising and looked closely at the picture on the inside cover of the book, because if i ain't mistaken theres a space marine with the markings XI. Which ofcourse is the number of one of missing legions. I wanted to just see if you thought the same or could it be squad markings.

Also theres a badge beneath it but i can't make it out clearly anyone have any thoughts?
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It's been slowly hinted the Blood Ravens are tied to the Thousand Sons, pehaps a loyalist splinter?

I've heard a lot about the legions, even one guy who's convinced one of them is called the Purifiers and has a 10k army of them. I would say that if the books are correct, then XI's incubation capsule is cracked by Horus during False Gods, so at least II is supposedly OK. I'm not sure what effect XI's capsule beeing cracked would have on the primarch, but I woul imagine Horus figured XI would be a threat to him. A long time ago there was mentioned a SM chapter called the Iron Hearts, whose Primarch was Rubinek. Rubinek was pretty much encased in Dreadnought armor at all times, so I figure he must have been XI, and suffered at the hands of Horus, or II sustained injuries even a Primarch couldn't regenerate.

Note that all of this has been shot down by GW, most of it was in Rogue Trader and a VERY old SM codex.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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