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Picture in Horus Rising (Possible Spoilers)

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Hi guys i was wondering if any of you had read Horus rising and looked closely at the picture on the inside cover of the book, because if i ain't mistaken theres a space marine with the markings XI. Which ofcourse is the number of one of missing legions. I wanted to just see if you thought the same or could it be squad markings.

Also theres a badge beneath it but i can't make it out clearly anyone have any thoughts?
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Interesting to be sure lol even if it isn't a missing legion member I still think that the horus heresy series will reveal all! Which would be useful as I've been dieing to find out. But it has beens stated by GW that they took them out so players could come to their own conclusions for there own home grown rules=D

There are rules for Primarchs=] cant remember where, but the two Primarchs I think the main theory behind them is that chaos found them first, but GW definatly stated they implanted them for you to draw you own conclusions, I liek the idea of the blood ravens being connected as it gives them a root which atm they don't have
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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