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[PICS]Storm of Vengence

EDIT: Pics now working!

Hopefully a bit of a blast for the Vets from 2nd edition or at least when GW re-released the Piscina IV Storm of Vengence Campaign Pack as a free download revised for 4th edition (I don't think it's still on the site but I could be wrong...)

Anyway, I'm currently playing a remix of this campaign set on a settled jungle world of my own devising called Perdition with the Ultramarines in place of the Dark Angels and fellow forum member Whiskey as the Orks. We also have my girlfriend's Alaitoc Eldar present as well. Below is a summarised version of our second mission - unfortunately I only took pics, not notes but I hope you enjoy the report!

Mission 2: Dark Cathedral​

The Siege of Vermillion Harbour

With the second power plant and at least two-thirds of Vermillion Harbour safely in his hands, Ghazghkull ordered his boyz to dig in and wait for the inevitable Imperial counter-attack. It was not long in coming- the ancient brother dreadnoughts Matiel and Lucas that had survived the initial assault had relayed with perfect detail what they had witnessed in the opening events of the war. Captain Sicarius sent probing scout attacks whilst he marshalled his forces and took stock of the situation.

Sicarius, commander of the Ultramarines on Perdition, moved his forces to occupy Koth Ridge. This impressive range of rocky and steeply sloped hills all but surrounded Vermillion and as more and more Imperial forces moved into position it quickly became obvious the Orks were trapped. Thus began the Siege of Vermillion Harbour.

Slowly, inch by inch and block by block the warriors of the Ultramarines clawed the city back from the Orks. It was slow painful work and involved some desperate fighting. The Orks were well prepared and had turned each building into a veritable fortress. However the fate of the city would be determined over the Ultramarines Basilica- a huge cathedral built by the people of Perdition in their honour. It was strategically located in the centre of the city and would see the most fiercest fighting- control the basilica and you control the city!

Game Board:
The entire battle takes place within the ruined Ultramarines Cathedral/Basilica which was about 35"x26" (slightly larger than the specified 36"x18"). Defenders could set up anywhere in the board with the attacker moving in from three pre-determined points on a long and short table edge.

Mission Objective:
The opposing forces are aiming to dominate the cathedral. The player who occupies the most quarters of the board wins. To claim a quarter there must be no enemy scoring units in the same quadrant.

As this is a 4th edition mission using Cities of Death rules, scoring units are as summarised in the Cities of Death Codex.

Attacker: 500 points - Standard Force Organisation Chart
Defender: 500 points - Standard Force Organisation Chart

If the Attacker wins, he retains the units that survived the game plus 200points in reinforcements for when the previous defender launches an attack with a fresh 500 point force to recapture the basilica. This scenario is played multiple times to represent the cathedral changing hands throughout the night- at anytime an attacking player can elect not to attack- the cathedral remains in the defenders hands and the campaign moves on to the next scenario.

For every Ultramarine Victory the Ultramarines buy valuable time to reinforce their units on koth ridge. For every victory one unit from the reserve force in the Hold the Line scenario arrive a turn earlier.

For every Ork Victory, the Ultramarines lose 5% of the points total in the reserve force in the Hold the Line scenario.

The Basilica


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The First Ork Assault

With the Ultramarines set as defenders for the first mission they took up position. Guarding the Basilica were two tactical squads of the glorious 2nd Battle Company (both 10 man, one with plasma gun and missile launcher, one with flamer and heavy bolter) accompanied with Epistolarly Tobias wielding The Avenger and Might of the Ancients.

As the Ultramarines split into combat squads and took position, a bestial roar was heard as the Orks launched an attack on the Basilica.

Following the dictates of the Codex Astartes, Tobias lead a combat squad towards the mob of Orks that had appeared on the Northern side as well as directing the rest of the force to fire upon the same mob- hoping to neutralise it as quickly as possible.

Using his psychic might, Tobias summoned the fiery might of The Avenger to lend weight to the squads flamer attack as well as the bolter fire from the remaining marines, the Ork mob took heavy losses.

Hearing their fellow orks getting 'da boot stuck in' (as well as burning in white hot promethium and psychic energy), the Killa Kan and Storm Boyz enter the Basilica from the east...

Whilst the Warboss and his Nobz sweep around to the south to deal with the tactical marines hanging back and using 'dem panzy 'umie taktiks!'.

The Ultramarine combat squad with the rocket launcher is swiftly overwhelmed by the Warboss and his retinue, only managing to wound a single Nob in return! The Orks, encouraged by how easily the marines fell, yell a gutteral cry and consolidated behind the next squad, ready to pounce on them next turn!

This was an unfortunate turn of events as whilst this was going on, the killa kans and storm boyz swept whittled through the non-heavy combat squads- defeating all but the librarian and the brother-marine armed with the flamer. However, despite his powers setting him apart from his brother marines- the Epistolary proved he was a true servant of the Imperium as he slayed enough of the Orks in close combat (in addition to a tactical retreat, recasting the avenger/firing the flamer before charging back in) to cause the orks which had attacked from the East to flee in panic and be cut down...

Tobias and the tactical marine briefly move behind the wrecked land raider to survey the battlefield...

and witness the Warboss tear through the remaining Ultramarines-leaving only the librarian and his brother-marine!

It looked like the Orks were getting the better of the marines- afterall they numbered but 2, whilst the Orks still kept their killa kan (minus its close combat weapon), it's Warboss and a few Nob. With a cry of 'Courage and Honour!' the two marines move to intercept the Warboss.

After summoning The Avenger again and firing the flamer to whittle down the warboss and his retinue, the marines charged and thanks to being an Epistolary and able to cast more than one power a turn,Tobias used his force weapon to strike down the Warboss and fry his mind! Shocked at this powerful display of sorcery the remaining Orks fled and were cut down, leaving just the Killa Kan...

Commending his soul to the Emperor, Tobias moved to intercept the Killa Kan. At this point the tactical marine died (unfortunately I don't remember how) and the Librarian went toe to toe with the Killa Kan after summoning the might of the ancients to imbue him with increased strength...

The killa kan stood to receive the charge but before it could swing an attack, the Librarian lept in the air and with crackling energy surging from his body, planted his force staff through the top of the Kan, detonating it from within and leapt clear of the resulting explosion.

As he looked up from the wreckage he saw that he was the only Ultramarine still in combat condition...but the orks had been held. First Victory to the Ultramarines!

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Next 2 games are greatly summarised, due to how late it is and how long it took me to get the pics working for the last posts :headbutt:

For the second assault, the Ultramarines only had time to send in a single squad of Assault Terminators to assist the Librarian against a fresh 500point ork force! This time the Orks decided to get stuck in straight away and the storm boyz launched themselves at the Librarian and the Terminators...

The stormboyz took Tobias out of the fight, greatly angering the veteran astartes in Terminator Armour who then proceeded to destroy the orks to a beast in a single round without a single loss. They consolidated to meet the rest of the advancing horde...

The rest of the orks threw themselves at the Terminators but even though they were slowly being dragged down brother by brother, they managed to slay many orks until it was just the killa kan and a mob of boyz versus two terminators.

Eventually, Terminator Sergeant Auron was left by himself, but he slew the remaining foe leaving him the remaining warrior in the basilica. Second Victory to the Ultramarines!

The Final Ork Push...

With a fresh 500 point force, and the Ultramarines only having a single dreadnought and techmarine to assist the Terminator Sergeant (yeah, only had 3 models on the table!), the outcome was going to be fairly predictable...

The Ultramarines fought bravely but were easily overwhelmed by the Orks, and for the first and final time the Orks gained control over the Basilica. However, the final battle would not be fought here. As much as he wanted to avenge his fallen brothers, Captain Sicarius knew that he had bought enough time to reinforce his forces on Koth Ridge and as such went to reinforce the forces there and left the Basilica in Orks hands...for now...

End Result

2 Ultramarine Victories - 2 units from the reserve force in Hold the Line arrive a turn earlier.

1 Ork Victory - The Ultramarine reserve force has taken some casualties and starts with 5% points less than normal.

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Good job with the Batrep Ken! Pics look great and well written, cant wait to see more up once we get into the Campaign more.

Assault Terminators are absolute beasts! they just would not die, Lightning claws where mashing my boys up stopping me from getting mass attacks in and then the Thunder hammers would do the heavy work at the end. In our first game Tibios the Librarian was on a roll going through boyz, bosses then killa kans with ease, some lucky rolls for his part i think :p

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... the Librarian was on a roll going through boyz, bosses then killa kans with ease, some lucky rolls for his part i think :p
Blessed by the Emperor you mean!:biggrin:

Glad you liked the report and pics blind_freak, i'd be interested in what you thought about the rest of the campaign from when you played it!

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Wow, great paintjobs on all the models, the terrain, great summary, etc.

+Rep for some outstanding posts haha

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Nice report, though without knowing the structure of the Hold the Line mission, losing 5% of the reserve force for a loss sounds like it'd have more of an impact than a single unit arriving earlier...
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