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Here we have another Light Tent Kit for review. Following my disappointment with Ex-Pro kit I got a refund and looked about for something better.

A few minutes on Google and I found the PhotX Pro kit for £79.95

I decided to take the plunge and hoped for a good experience, here are my findings.

The Kit after removing from the main packaging. I was pleasantly surprised...everything was very well protected and aside from the lamp heads came in their own cases.

The kit comprises a 7"x7" (60cm) foldaway light cube, two extendable lamps with 300watt spiral bulbs and a camera tripod

The cube itself is an integral part of the carry case and features velcro strips to connect the sides. Each side is constructed from robust white nylon on a sturdy frame.

The cube comes with 4 different coloured backdrops that also form the bottom of the cube so you need to make sure you erect it on a firm flat surface. Each of the 4 backgrounds are made from a non-reflective material and are fixed in place with velcro strips

Pro's and Con's

I have not had this very long but am really impressed with the quality and ease of storage of the majority of it. It is slightly let down by the lack of a storage box for the lamp heads but apart from this it's well worth the £80 price tag.

The lamp and tripod's can be adjusted to a good height. The lamp feet fold away neatly and the stands and tripod all come in their own zipped fabric carry cases. The light from each lamp is strong and covers a good area and easily light up the cube.

The cube itself simply folds down and becomes it's own carry case.


A great bit of kit, well worth the investment.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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